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OpenSpace-Online® - What is that?

The multiple award winning OpenSpace-Online® Real-Time Meeting Technology is making a valuable contribution to shared creation of the future in society, economics, politics, research, health-care and education around the globe. This worldwide unique social group software is an effective tool to help develop internal capacity to lead and thrive while facing new challenges and constant changes. The simplicity of use and ability to self-organize supports the endless dynamic processes of learning and innovation. It is a valuable meeting and conferencing tool on its own or when used to complement or supplement other of face-to-face and online communication activities.
Moreover the purpose of this method is to link multifaceted ways of face-to-face and on-line activities in a highly complementary and easy manner. There are many exciting possible applications for OpenSpace-Online® that can transform the way you enable result-oriented collaboration. link Read more "OpenSpace-Online® - What is that?"

25 Years Change Competence Transferred to the Online World

This Internet methodology was created and constantly enhanced (since 1999) by Change Facilitator Gabriela Ender and her team from Germany to enable self-organized, respectful, open and goal-oriented real-time collaboration that allow autonomous, fast and on-going work about important questions or issues, priorities and action steps across distances. With the development of the OpenSpace-Online® real-time conferencing method many years of experience in the fields of education, change management and facilitating of organizational participation processes were incorporated to a completely new form of excellent online collaboration. link Read more "About Us"