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 Andrew Mairon, Global Commercial Director, TNS Global Interactive (world leader in market research): "We used OpenSpace-Online® for an internal meeting, and were extremely satisfied with the whole process. I am very certain that OpenSpace-Online® has the potential to become a standard approach not only for internal ideation but also for qualitative research. This by truly collaborating with the formerly so called "respondents" and giving them the possibilty to provide to us insights which were not available before. Thanks to the OpenSpace-Online team!"


 Franz-Reinhard Habbel, Sprecher des Deutschen Städte- und Gemeindebundes (DStGB): "Wir sind bereits seit Jahren begeisterte Nutzer und Veranstalter der OpenSpace-Online® Echtzeit-Konferenzmethode. Egal, ob es sich um kleine interne Meetings oder größere öffentliche Veranstaltungen handelt - mit der OpenSpace-Online® Lösung können wir ohne Hilfe Dritter über Entfernungen professionelle Vernetzungs- und Innovationskonferenzen unter Einbeziehung unterschiedlichster Akteure zu hochaktuellen Themen durchführen. Das Verfahren verbessert und beschleunigt unterschiedlichste Kommunikations- und Entscheidungsprozesse. Es ist faszinierend, welche vielfältigen Nutzen diese Technologie vereinbart: Datensicherheit für Teilnehmer, Zugangsgeschützte Kommunikation, technisch einfache Vorbereitung, Ablauf eines hochwertigen Austausch- und Lösungsprozesses, schneller Zugang zum kollektiven Wissen der Mitwirkenden aufgrund guter intuitiver Schritt-für-Schritt Führung, sofort verfügbare, sehr gut strukturierte Konferenz-Dokumentation und vieles andere mehr. Aus unserer Sicht ist OpenSpace-Online® ein professionelles, hochinnovatives Internet-Business mit großer globaler Zukunft."


 Lisa Heft, President OSI USA -- Fellow, Columbia University Center for International Conflict Resolution: "OpenSpace-Online® is the next best thing to a face-to-face conference or meeting. It brings people together across the world to explore opportunities and issues, share knowledge and resources, work on tasks, explore ideas, share best practices, challenges and solutions, and feel a sense of community. This is the one tool I know that is designed by a facilitator and field-tested by facilitators from around the world. Gabriela Ender and her team created this by drawing on their rich background of experience with and knowledge of group process, group dynamics, sense of physical space and environment, the nature of invitation, and the wisdom of matching the right process / dialogue tool to the most appropriate situations. They invited other group dynamics / group interaction specialists to field test the tool - to stretch it and share feedback as the tool grew in usability and intuitiveness. The result is a virtual workspace that is based on dialogue and interchange - a workplace for geographically-disbursed teams to come together for effective and productive work."


 Prof. Dr. Maximilian Gege, Vorsitzender B.A.U.M. e.V. (Größte Umweltinitiative der Wirtschaft mit über 500 Mitgliedsunternehmen): "Vor einiger Zeit sind wir auf eine weltweit einzigartige, in Deutschland entwickelte Internet Meeting- und Konferenzmethode namens OpenSpace-Online® aufmerksam geworden, deren Philosophie und vielfältiger Nutzen uns für Mensch, Umwelt und Organisation rundum begeistert. Wir von B.A.U.M. wollen unseren Beitrag dazu leisten, dass mehr und mehr Unternehmen in den Genuss dieser Innovation kommen."


 Birgitt Williams, President, Dalar International Consultancy Inc, USA: "The OpenSpace-Online software is stellar in creating the conditions for a highly participatory meeting that can be an effective use of people's time and assist companies in finding solutions in time and cost effective ways. We are committed to its use for furthering the work in our own global organization."


 Tree Fitzpatrick, USA: "Tech heads all over the world are looking for good online conference software as if they are seeking a holy grail. Such seekers need look no further: OpenSpace-Online is the best online conference software."


 Jörg Möllenbrock, Organisation-Projektmanagement, Stadtverwaltung Gütersloh: "Zunächst einmal ist die Software sehr Userfreundlich gestaltet, so dass man ohne Probleme durch das Programm geleitet wird. Die Echtzeit-Konferenz war sehr gut strukturiert abgelaufen und mit der vorgegebenen Vorgehensweise ergab sich stets ein "roter Faden" innerhalb jedes Workshops. Ich habe bereits bei uns im Hause dafür geworben, diese Möglichkeit - wo immer möglich - künftig ebenfalls im Hause und darüber hinaus anzuwenden/einzusetzen. Die Vorteile dabei liegen auf der Hand - wir können so Zeit und vor allem auch Geld (Reise- und ev. Übernachtungskosten) sparen. Ich persönlich fand es super!"


 Axel Müller, Berater, GIZ: "Die Methodik nutzt neue Kommunikationstechniken nicht ihrer selbst wegen, sondern zum Vorteil der Kommunikation unter den Teilnehmenden. Große Entfernungen können überbrückt werden und man ist automatisch gehalten, seine Gedanken gut zu überlegen, bevor man sie niederschreibt; viel Kommunikationsmüll wird somit vermieden."


 Martin Boroson, Temenos Consulting: "I have been helping an international not-for-profit organization through a major transformation, and through their first strategic planning process. We have used OpenSpace-Online® for two special Board meetings and for a "Town Meeting" open to our constituents, participating from six countries. Quite frankly, I can't imagine how we would have handled this process without OpenSpace-Online. With OpenSpace-Online, however, the process has been much faster, extremely effective, and best of all, joyous. The software and conference methodology has enabled the inherent potential of this community to be revealed in a way that I can only describe as magical. It was a real turning point in the life of this community. The conference software brings everyone through the process in an effortless way. I wouldn’t have thought it possible for a large, diverse group to have a good discussion without a "human" facilitator, but here it is! (And the tech support provided by the software developers is fantastic.) I know that I will be using this software for many years. Thank you!"


 Sandy Weiner, Managing Partner, 1-Focus International, Germany: "OpenSpace-Online build community and allows for deep discussions and problem solving within the short conference duration ... it is a great stand-alone process as well as a follow-on to live conferences. Through the spreading of the use of this software and conference method, we are contributing to ways of saving the environment while enabling more creativity and team development. This method can be used easily to solve real-time problems at global level. It is CSR at its very best!"


 Anne Lowagie, Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY): "OpenSpace-Online is an eye-opening experience. The software is easy to use and very intuitive. As a first-time participant, I had no problems taking part and playing a role in the conference. I enjoyed the process and learned a lot. I am convinced OpenSpace-Online has enormous potential for all kinds of collaborative projects, large and small, particularly now that resources for travel and face-to-face meetings are becoming scarce. It's great to see that these events can be sponsored. I think the sponsors should be commended for enabling people the share experiences and learn together. Collaboration is the key to innovation, and in Australia we hope to be able to obtain the support of business to run OpenSpace-Online events."


 Joseph Paulson, India: "As a first time OpenSpace-Online participant, I felt amazed at the power of 'meeting of minds' for borderless collaboration. It is a potent tool to support change .. in mindset as well as knowledge and skills even in encouraging peoples of warring nations to create purposeful dialogue and move towards global peace!"


 Michael Schröder, Deutschland: "Unsere Teamarbeit hat sich durch die Nutzung von OpenSpace-Online enorm verbessert. Nicht nur, dass wir viel schneller wichtige Themen bearbeiten und gemeinsam Lösungen finden und dabei auch noch erheblich Reisekosten einsparen. Dazu kommt, dass wir deutlich mehr Freude an der Zusammenarbeit bekommen haben und einige Kollegen sogar sagen, dass sie sich auf nächste reale Treffen viel mehr freuen als vorher. Verwenden Sie diese Rückmeldung ruhig als "Kundenzeugnis"."


 David Smith, Australia: "I just wanted to congratulate you on the clarity and attention to detail in your instruction sheets for the online conference. Extremely clear and logical and with all the appropriate information you need (such as the url) clearly present and visually linked. Great work!"


 Anja Rawe Dipl.-Pol., MBA, Centre for Sustainability Management (CSM), Leuphana Universität Lüneburg: "For MBA-Sustainability Management, an E-Learning-supported correspondence course, the OpenSpace-Online® conference process offers a welcome supplement to the spectrum of methods. In addition to amazing content results, an OpenSpace-Online® conference can do much to encourage communication and interaction between the students in the correspondence learning phase between the face-to-face meetings in Lüneburg and increase motivation to study and to cooperate. Ana Dominguez, (2nd year MBA student): 'Finally, I would just like to say that I am amazed at how much the conference actually helped me. I got several ideas, which I can now implement.'"


 Michael Randel, World Bank, Washington DC: "I was very impressed by what I saw and experienced in the conference, and I did have a strong sense of being in a 'real' open space meeting!"


 Luiz Sambiase, Brazil: "Again, congratulations on your event, on your kindness and professionalism. Quality is outstanding."


 Larry Peterson, Canada: "I have been working with the Government of Ontario (and know others working with Industry Canada) on the development of things like Integrated Service Delivery to Business using IT and Counter infrastructure and previously with a project call Ontario Business Connects with which we have explored and used eCollaboration approaches. We wrote a piece a couple of years ago on the need for the approach and the kinds of synchronous and asynchronous sites that were available. There has been lots of work on facilitating virtual communities, and this was a key topic at the Vancouver OSonOS and several on-line conferences. As for the experience closest to OST, I think Gabriela Ender's OpenSpace-Online is the best."


 Janine Ogg, Holistica, New Zealand: "Fabulous, interactive way to connect with people from around the globe on multiple issues. Like nothing I have ever experienced online simple, yet sophisticated. And very playful, a pleasure to participate! I have made some great connections that I am going to follow up on for sure. I will definitely be participating in these again in the future and recommending OpenSpace-Online to others. Thanks again."


 Bernd Weber, Austria: "Nochmals vielen Dank, daß Du Deiner damals verrückt erscheinenden Vision gefolgt bist (so komisch ein solcher Dank klingen mag, denn man könnte ja auch sagen: bedank Dich bei Dir selber!). Klar, es hätte auch schief gehen können, aber so bist Du schon ein mutmachendes Beispiel auch für andere."


 Thomas Herrmann, Sweden: "The Swedish OST Institute arranged the first ever OpenSpace-Online in Sweden. We had a grand time together. The meeting was a pre-meeting for a larger OpenSpace-Online event we will have the 25th of November. 8 persons participated and we already have 15 registred for the main event. We decided that the conference in November will focus on the development of OST in Sweden and I think quite a few of us are eager to spend a large part of it on how to develop cooperation between facilitators, partly through the OSI Sweden. Everybody experienced the software as very stimulating to use (and lots of fun!). We had great discussions although I think that we will be able to get even more out of it next time. The program is really easy to use. Our meeting lasted for 2,5 hours and included an opening, sessions were posted, sessions convened (3 times 25 minutes), proceedings written and time for commenting them. We also spent every minute available off session in the café, continuing our discussions. Finally a closing circle where a lot of complements were shared to each other and to Gabriela and her team for developing the software. In total we made almost 400 postings! 5 issues were discussed and reported on. After closing we all received a complete report when logging out! Increadible! Sitting all over Sweden we worked intensly for 2,5 hours and all of a sudden had each a "book"! We decided to continue our ongoing dialogue in another virtual space, which is open and running already. I see lots of possibilities to use this software with my customers. I view it as a compliment to physical meetings before and after OST conferences. When there is a missing link and it is hard to find time to meet again this could be a very interesting and inspiring way to work out issues together. I also view it as very interesting for some of the organizations I work with, especially those that are spread out all over our country."


 Peter Fall, Australia: "Hi Guys, firstly, let me thank you again for providing an opportunity to try out your software and to meet so many interesting issues regarding Open Space. This was my first OpenSpace-Online session - and I found it really useful. I think you have done a great job in conceiving of this software and developing it. Best of luck with your business - I look forward to the opportunity to use your services commercially at some time in the future."


 Sheila T. Isakson, USA: "Thank you, Gabriela, and the OpenSace-Online Team for making the four hour open space experiece so wonderful. The instructions for downloading the software were easy to follow and then the software itself was easy to use during the sessions. What is really amazing was that persons from nine different countries were able to share ideas about facilitating global change in "real time." It is amazing to recall that it was evening in Europe; late afternoon in Brazil ; early afternoon in Haiti and Canada; and 4 o'clock in the morning of the next day for participants from Australia and New Zealand. What I really enjoyed was the willingness to respect the ideas as presented about some very serious global problems and then to move on with high play:-) I was prepared to be surprised! One surprise was that I loved the side conversations about wine. This was an extraordinary experience. Clearly the "right people" participated. Again, many thanks for the invitation to participate. I look forward to the next one."


 Tonnie van der Zouwen, Netherlands: "OpenSpace-Online was an eye-opener for me. The feeling of real-time contact with colleagues from over the world was special. At first I thought: 3 hours is too long. Afterword thought: if only we had more time for our discussions and to get to know each other better."


 Dr. Charles Savage, President, KEE International, Germany: "When a very diverse group, and or one who has never met face-to-face, can relax, listen and dialogue in such a dynamic way, we know there is something special here. One day soon many companies will realize OpenSpace-Online could provide a new form of focus groups and ways to innovate with customers. There are certainly exciting times ahead for virtual dialoguing."


 Claude Ribaux, Switzerland: "I enjoyed the participation in this conference very much. The small group work to share with colleagues of similar interest could have been a bit longer to produce some real action. Otherwise I found the software and the system excellent, and I really believe that it should be used in some of the developmental contexts, in which I am working. In this connection I will get into touch with you soon."

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