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Holistic Return on Investment

OpenSpace-Online® enables High Quality Conferences at Tremendous Time and Financial Savings with Sustainable Results. Tomorrows best organizations will succeed by balancing the needs of all their stakeholders, not just their shareholders. OpenSpace-Online® enables a future-oriented balance between value-based economy, social responsibility and climate protection.


COST SAVINGS: travel, travel time, logistics, event organization, no loss of productive work time due to travel, extensive event preparation time, staff costs, no online-moderators, documentation preparation and production costs.


ON-GOING PROJECTS: immediately after the conference the "just-in-time documentation" is available for on-going collaboration, project work, evaluation and/or public relations. As participants are working from the “current where abouts” (office, home, hotel or via laptop from almost everywhere) they can easily integrate the results of the conference into their work.


Quote from Gabriela Ender

PEOPLE'S PASSION & RESPONSIBILITY: sustainable success – and tapping full potential requires the "right" people. "Passion and Responsibility" are the key-drivers for mutual success, sustainable further work and life-long learning. Leveraging Human Potential means opening space for interested people to participate conveniently and effectively.


SUSTAINABLE FURTHER WORK: through people’s commitment, stakeholder involvement, collaboration across distances and boundaries, sharing of ideas on a timely basis with limited stress enables untold benefits and sustainable efforts.


ENRICHING & SUPPORTING FACE-TO-FACE WORK: enabling completely new participative collaboration processes and linking multifaceted ways of face-to-face and on-line activities in a highly complementary manner. Conducting kick-off online meetings, pre-meetings and/or building on the results and energy by enabling timely follow-on online meetings, planning, discussions and conferences.


REDUCING GLOBAL WARMING: OpenSpace-Online® helps decentralized organizations and companies with the planning and implementation of their own improved eco-balance. Organizations can easily and very efficiently eliminate a significant percentage of team and group trips with the aid of OpenSpace-Online® every year and thus not only save a great deal of time and money, but also make a major contribution to the reduction of global warming.

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