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OpenSpace-Online® Real-Time Meeting Methodology

The OpenSpace-Online® Real-Time Meeting Methodology promotes autonomous, responsible, respectful, and results-oriented collaboration and helps to overcome the limitations of time and space, as well as saving lots of travel costs. The easy to use system helps sponsors to quickly organize OpenSpace-Online® real-time meetings for small and large groups. The virtual-led procedure of this real-time meeting method makes it possible for participants to work together without "human" online moderators in a highly productive liberated and joyful manner. This worldwide unique methodology is setting new innovation standards for global e-collaboration by enabling unique, holistic and highly participative architectures to link multifaceted ways of face-to-face and on-line activities in business, community, education, health-care, social and governmental settings. The OpenSpace-Online® Real-Time Conference Technology is changing collaboration worldwide. It has been already employed in over 60 countries in the areas of business, community, education, health-care, research, social and governmental settings.

OpenSpace-Online® - What is that?


How does it work?

The OpenSpace-Online® Real-Time Technology is a high encoded (448 Bit) Internet conferencing system that makes it possible to run single and/or simultaneous real-time meetings and conference for 5 to 125 persons. Neither organizers nor participants are required to have prior knowledge about the method or technical expertise. In order to take part users only need to be interested in the conference theme. Participants use a basic Internet connection on a standard computer that has been loaded with the easy to use OpenSpace-Online® Real-Time Conference Software.


Pure self-driven process based on passion and responsibility

OpenSpace-Online® Eigenverantwortung

The virtually-facilitated, text-based Internet methodology guides all participants through successive phases as follows: opening circle, creating a shared agenda, discussing topics in various sessions, café talks and private one-to-one conversations, summarizing the topic sessions, prioritizing topics and planning for next actions or steps, and closing circle. No external online moderator is needed because the virtual open space facilitator COMOSO (see below) guides all participants through the graphically beautiful, highly intuitive real-time conference which last in average 3 to 4 hours. The participants themselves are the experts who bring shared interests in the theme, knowledge about various topics, and ideas for new solutions. Basis of this, from young and old very easy to use conferencing software is a highly complex methodical architecture in the back, which ensures that each participant can participate completely intuitive and independent phase by phase WITHOUT the lead and/or the intervention of human on-line moderators during the real-time process.


Conference documentation downloadable immediately

At the end of each conference, every participant receives an extensive documentation about the event at the press of one button. The documentation is an ideal basis for fast further work, as it contains all contents, contact data of the participants, results, and arrangements made during the conference and can be immediately used in either digital or printed form.


Application are endless

OpenSpace-Online® supports various goals, different themes, multifaceted application fields and all kinds of learn, work, research and interest groups. For example: New product creation; strategizing; developing and realizing new and existing projects; building networks; collaboration among team members; evaluation and qualitative research, stakeholder management; interdisciplinary dialogues; change process facilitation; sustainable decision making; follow-on and sustaining collaboration after face-to-face events … The possibilities for application are limited only by the imagination. link read more "Application & Effects"



The costs for organizers resulting individually on the basis of the chosen conference variant, the group size and the scope of our support services.

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