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Application & Effects

From the beginning on the OpenSpace-Online® Real-Time Methodology was developed to empower single persons and organizations from around the globe to run OpenSpace-Online® conferences completely autonomous – without human online facilitators- at any time. Therefore this conferencing system makes it possible for organizers to quickly invite all kinds of learn, interest or work groups to highly productive and liberated real-time meetings.


When does it make sense to use?

Have you thought about where and for what you could use the OpenSpace-Online® Real-Time Methodology/Technology? With our worldwide unique conference system, you have access to an interactive and data secure communication tool, which you can use, depending upon the situation, quickly and comfortably. It supports you in realizing your various goals in a unique manner.


The OpenSpace-Online® conference system could be very useful for you, if your company, your organization, your university, or your town is interested in establishing fast and sustainable learn-, solution-, participation-, collaboration- and change processes. Because, regardless of whether it will be in politics, society, economics, or education; in the process of constant changes and new challenges, this conference system is making a concrete contribution to the mutual design of the future.

Einsatzmöglichkeiten OpenSpace-Online®


The respective area of use, the time, the conference subject, the selection of the appropriate conference variant, and inclusion in existing communication processes and combination with various offline and online methods or activities is up to each individual organizer.


In the following some examples of application: Annual Conferences, Citizen Participation, Customer Care, Cooperation between Partners (e.g. towns, schools, organizations), Creative Sessions, Diversity Management, E-Learning Improvement, Evaluation and Consultation, Intercultural Cooperation, International Peace Work, Internal Communication, Knowledge Management, Opening Sessions, Organizational Development, Public Relations, Public Events, Product Development, Project Development, Problem Solving Processes, Scenario Meetings, Sustainable Collaboration (Pre-meetings and Follow-ups of online and face-to-face activities), Community Building, Stakeholder Management, Team Development, Transformation Processes, (Re)-vitalization of Online Portals and or Asynchronous Online Forums, and much more ...

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