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Thank You

Gabriela Ender

A sincere THANK YOU to all project partners, cooperation partners, companions, employees, interns, colleagues, advisers, and friends, who skillfully used their creativity, their knowledge, their experience, their time, and their quality demands and made large and small contributions to the development of the OpenSpace-Online® Real-Time Meeting Methodology.

Fotowand OpenSpace-Online

OpenSpace-Online GmbH with its headquarters in Berlin is an innovative company. In 1999, it was established by Gabriela Ender a consultant for holistic change processes. Its intended purpose was the realization, distribution, and advancement of the OpenSpace-Online® Real-Time Conference Methodology.


Based on the founder’s more than 25 years of interdisciplinary professional experiences in the fields of education, company management, leadership coaching, systemic organizational development, and the support of various face-to-face large group participation processes for any type of organizations and carrying out large group training seminars, the founder transformed her idea of "OpenSpace-Online for the World" together with her team to become a sustainable and future-oriented "People-Passion-Planet-Business" which has been highly respected and honored for many years. link Awards

Quote from Gabriela Ender

To further realize our vision, we are advancing our OpenSpace-Online® technology continuously. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have or if you are interested in a top-quality cooperation.

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