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We are off to a good start...


... with the Demographic-Online-Conference project that we realized together with the German Federal Ministry of the Interior (Bundesministerium des Innern) and the German Association of Towns and Municipalities (Deutsche Städte- und Gemeindebund).

The Demographic Online Conference took place on June 14, 2012. This nationwide project targeted mayors and county commissioners as well as administrative authorities involved with demographics throughout Germany.

link (in German)

Erster Deutscher Online-Energiegipfel

... with the First German Online Energy Summit which was successfully realized in cooperation with the German Association of Towns and Municipalities (DStGB) under the patronage of Dr. Norbert Röttgen, the former Federal Minister for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety on the topic "Energy Change" on November 23, 2011.

link (in German)

Erster Deutscher Online-Schülergipfel

... with the First German Online Student Summit in 2011 which was made possible by the Student Representation of the Land Thuringia under the auspices of Christoph Matschie, the Thuringia Minister of Education, and with the financial support of BioSeehotel Zeulenroda.

link Detailed project report (PDF) (in German)

link (in German)

Ersten Deutschen Online-Nachhaltigkeitsgipfel

... with the First German Online Sustainability Summit 2009 in cooperation with the German Environmental Management Association (B.A.U.M. e.V.) under the patronage of the Chairman of the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE), Dr. Volker Hauff and made possible by the financial support of KPMG.

link (in German)

Ersten Deutschen Online-Klimagipfel

... with the First German Online Climate Summit 2007 in cooperation with the German Association of Towns and Municipalities (DStGB) under the patronage of the former president of the Federal Environmental Agency Prof. Dr. Andreas Troge and which was made possible by the financial support of Cisco Germany.

link (in German)

Stakeholder-Dialog-Cooperation for a sustainable change in society, industry, education, and politics

Within the framework of its "Stakeholder-Dialog-Cooperation Concept for sustainable change," OpenSpace-Online GmbH organizes lighthouse projects with established partners from industry, politics, society, education and research who have their own target groups and highly influential stakeholder networks and who are interested in achieving important goals and positive changes within their own realm of work and beyond.


With this project concept, the OpenSpace-Online® team follows the vision to enable future-oriented, democratic, resource-preserving and sustainable stakeholder, change, dialog and decision processes. Since 2006, OpenSpace-Online GmbH organizes information and communication projects together with various "cooperation partner of change." These projects are technologically unique due to the OpenSpace-Online® workshop/conference technology which received numerous international awards and which is continuously advanced in Germany by Gabriela Ender and her team (1999 until today).


The goal of these alliances is to allow innovative "lighthouses" for an interdisciplinary, participative and at the same time result-oriented online cooperation involving and including important stakeholders who are characterized in addition to the realization of the respective project also by a particularly wide impact (off-line / online). A significant additional goal of this cooperation concept is a high degree on win-win effects for all participants and the triggering of sustainable change processes in other regions and countries as well.


The team of OpenSpace-Online GmbH offers consulting services based on its 25 years of experiences in the fields of "change management, organizational development, and the support of face-to-face large groups-stakeholder events (OST events, World Café, Future Conferences)" for ministries, administrations, associations, corporations, and foundations. There will be additional "lighthouse" projects on an international level which will result in very specific win-win effects in society, industry, education, politics, and research and which will create additional high quality alliances of institutional pioneers of change.