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Impressum & Trademark

OpenSpace-Online GmbH

Managing Director: Gabriela Ender

Brauerstraße 7, 12209 Berlin, Germany



Amtsgericht: Berlin-Charlottenburg

HRB: 75583

Value added tax ID: DE 211844889

Trademark and Copyright Information

The international trademark, which includes the words "Open + Space + Online" identifies the commercial origin of our product/method OpenSpace-Online® and/or our logo and worldwide IT/on-line services. We are owner of international trademarks since 2000. The name of our company is OpenSpace-Online GmbH. We have registered several internet domains around the terms "online open space" and "open space software". Our Trademark and copyright uniquely associate our unique software, the on-line method and on-line open space services and helps customers and interested people quickly to identify the "right" product, method, services and website. The OpenSpace-Online GmbH has a strong increasing number of customers and OpenSpace-Online® business partners in each continent of the world. Please appreciate and respect our business rights. Our international lawyers would immediately prosecuted all kinds of trademark and copyright confusions and or infringements in order to protect our rights. If you inform third parties about the Open Space Software, the Open Space Online Method or our Services via official emails or letters and / or if you post information via internet pages, please be so kind and write the name in this manner: OpenSpace-Online®. Thank you! If you search for a new software name or for a new term for an asynchronous or real-time on-line portal or new on-line service (including all kinds of mobile, video, telephone, digital 3-D worlds, e-conferencing and Internet provider services) or if you mention via emails, letters or websites another software or another on-line service, please ensure, to NOT choose an URL, a service or a product name, a word or a word combination, which could lead third parties to any confusions. Thank you!

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