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Information for Organizers

In addition to the information for participants, which also is valid for the organizer of OpenSpace-Online® conferences, the password secured Supervisor-Tool will also be provided to the conference organizer. Just in case organizers want to take care about their "domestic rights", this additional OPTIONAL tool makes it possible for organizers during an OpenSpace-Online® conference to lock out individual participants or even stop the entire conference prematurely. The Supervisor-Tool also helps to get a good overview about the log-in and log-of status of all participants during the conference. Use of the tool is very simple and intuitive.


  Betriebssystem Update Size Supervisor-Tool in English
Microsoft Windows Microsoft Windows 2013-10-09 9 MB OpenSpace-Online® Supervisor-Tool 3.0.3
Apple Macintosh Apple Macintosh 2013-10-09 0,5 MB OpenSpace-Online® Supervisor-Tool 3.0.3
Linux Linux 2013-10-09 22 MB OpenSpace-Online® Supervisor-Tool 3.0.3