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Installing help for Apple Macintosh® User

The OpenSpace-Online® conference software is based on Java™ 2 (version 1.4.19), therefore Macintosh-User needs the operating system OS X 10.3. or higher. Normally, the operating system OSX 10.3. or higher has already the required software Java™ 2 Runtime Environment installed. In that case it is not necessary to download this Java version.


Step 1 - Installing Conference Software

In order to install the conference software, please open your downloaded Zip-file (fig. 1) by double click. By doing this the install procedure will start automatically.


Installation Abb. 1 fig. 1


Step 2 - Starting Conference Software

When the installing procedure is finished the Conference Software will be placed in a folder named "OpenSpaceOnline" (fig. 2) automatically . With a double click on that folder you open it. With a further double click on the file "Conference-Software.command" (fig. 3) you can start the Conference.


Installation Abb. 2 fig. 2     Installation Abb. 3 fig. 3


If you have installed everything correctly, you see the log-in area of the Conference (fig. 4). Now you only have to establish a connection with the internet, and to log in with your individual User-ID and with the common Secret Code of this conference.


Installation Abb. 4 fig. 4


Step 3 - Starting ACCESS TEST

At the bottom (blue bar) of the conference software screen is a button that says ACCESS TEST (fig. 5). Press this button, then press Start Test to make sure you are able to connect with the server. If the server connection works, you have finished your technical preparation successfully.


fig. 5


If your access test is not successful (no connection to the server), it's important to include the ICT staff of your organization in good time before the event. If needed, the OpenSpace-Online® Software allows proxy-server adjustments, so that usually also organizations with extensive firewalls can use this software easily.

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