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Download Area Apple Macintosh® for Conference Participants

In order to participate in an OpenSpace-Online® Conference, you will need the easy to install OpenSpace-Online® Conference Software.

Download required software:

Englische Version  OpenSpace-Online® Conference-Software 3.0.3

Deutsche Version  OpenSpace-Online® Konferenz-Software 3.0.3


Executable version:
OS X 10.3.x - 10.7.x

Last update: 2013-10-09

Size: 4 Mb

Brief installation instruction:
In order to install the conference software, please open your downloaded Zip-file by double click. By doing this a new folder "OpenSpaceOnline" will be established automatically. That followed please start the conference software by double click "Conference-Software.command". For detailed information please see
link Installation help for Apple User

At this page you will find all necessary software installation information and hints about technical requirements. If you have already taken part in OpenSpace-Online® Conferences, please make sure that you only use the software version which is not older than the update data stated.


To ensure you can participate we recommend that you install and test the server connection of the OpenSpace-Online® Conference Software as early as possible.


An early test is always recommended if your computer is integrated into a (company) network and/or is operated behind a firewall or similar systems.


Normally the technical preparation is a simple process that will take less than five minutes to complete.


Please do the following steps:
  1. Establish a stable Internet connection (attention: e.g. mobile connections can lead to problems, see Technical Prerequisites).
  2. Download the conference software.
  3. Start installing the conference software and complete the installation procedure.
  4. Start the conference software. At the bottom (blue bar) of the conference software screen is a button that says ACCESS TEST. Press this button, then press Start Test to make sure you are able to connect with the server.
  5. If the server connection works, you have finished your technical preparation successfully.
  6. Enter your personal User-ID and the conference Secret-Code (transmitted by the host of the conference) in good time before conference start.

If your ACCESS TEST is not successful (no connection to the server), it's important to include the ICT staff of your organization in good time before the event. If needed, the OpenSpace-Online® Conference Software allows proxy server adjustments, so that usually also organizations with extensive firewalls can use this software easily.


If you have any questions, please email us at the following address:

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