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Freeware Licensing Agreement OpenSpace-Online® Conference Software

(January 2007)



The completely self-contained Real-Time Internet Conferencing Methodology OpenSpace-Online® is based on the basic assumption that the best solutions can be found in one's "own system". OpenSpace-Online® was developed to encourage respectful, open and results-oriented collaboration that enables autonomous, fast and on-going work about important questions or issues, priorities and action steps across distances. This virtually-led do-it-yourself Internet method is setting new innovation standards for global collaboration of small and large groups and change in business, community, education, research, health-care and governmental settings by overcoming the limitations of time and space. Moreover the purpose of this method is to enable completely new participative collaboration processes to link multifaceted ways of face-to-face and on-line activities in a highly complementary manner.


The conference system makes it possible to organize real time conferences for remotely located parties by a server-client-system. In order for such a conference to take place, the participants need to use the conference software ("OpenSpace-Online Conference Software" hereinafter referred to as the "Client Software") and the conference organizer a server software (OpenSpace-Online Server Software", hereinafter referred to as the "Server Software").


IMPORTANT: These products are licensed under German Law. The pertinent provisions applicable to this Agreement might deviate from the statutes in the User's country. In consideration for the User's express consent to the application of German Law, OpenSpace-Online refrains from charging the user with a license fee or a similar compensation.


Subject to the provisions as set forth in this Agreement, OpenSpace-Online GmbH, Resselsteig 30, 12209 Berlin, grants to the conference participant (hereinafter referred to as the "User") a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use the Client Software as specified below. The User shall be allowed to take part in OpenSpace-Online Conferences that are organized by OpenSpace-Online or by third parties and to distribute the Client Software.


1. Subject Matter
1.1. Subject matter of this Agreement is the Client Software and the grant of a restricted license to the User.
1.2. As a technical protection device aiming at the avoidance of unauthorized use of the conference system, the Client Software as well as the Server Software are defaulted to one IP address and a corresponding port. The due use of the Client Software is restricted to one client server system.
2. Grant
2.1. OpenSpace-Online grants to the User the non-exclusive license to install the Client Software on one hardware unit and to use the Client Software for participation in the OpenSpace-Online Conference.
2.2. The User acquires the non-exclusive license to distribute the Client-Software without license fee in whatever numbers the User may wish. The User is obliged to attach the text of this Agreement to any copy of the Client Software he distributes and to make express reference to the brands "OpenSpace-Online GmbH", "OpenSpace-Online® Conference System" and "OpenSpace-Online® Conference" in such a way, that third parties are able to take notice of such brands in correct wording and of the origin of the Client Software.
2.3. The User is granted the non-exclusive license to make the Client Software available. Subject to OpenSpace-Online GmbH's prior express written consent, such making available may include the availability of the Client Software on the User's website. Section 2.2 applies mutatis mutandis.
3. No Charge
  The use of the Client Software shall be royalty-free for the User.
4. Liability and Warranties
  OpenSpace-Online GmbH shall only be liable according to the statutory provisions governing the law of donations and the product liability law.
5. Updates
  On OpenSpace-Online GmbH's website (, the User may obtain information on updates of the Client Software.
6. Choice of Law
  This Agreement shall be governed by and construed under German Law under specific exclusion of the German International Private Law.
By downloading and using the OpenSpace-Online® conference software
you will have accepted the protrusive Licensing Agreement!
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