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Hints to Firewalls

Participation in an OpenSpace-Online® Conference requires a stable Internet connection and the one-time installation of the OpenSpace-Online® Conference software. If you have taken additional security measures or have a router installed for example, you must ensure that communication with the conference server is possible.

  • IP address of the conference server:
  • Communication ports: 4500 to 4506

Existing firewall settings typically do not need to be changed, as the required connection between the OpenSpace-Online® conference software and the conference server supports various methods as described below:

  1. Direct connection via the above mentioned conference ports.
  2. If item 1 fails the conference software will automatically attempt to establish a connection using the standard https port: 443
  3. If items 1 and 2 fail, the conference software features an option under "ACCESS SETTING" (bottom blue bar) to establish a connection via a proxy server. Please contact your IT administrator for the required proxy data.

General notes regarding firewalls

If the OpenSpace-Online® conference software is blocked due to a firewall, one can generally choose from the following possibilities:

  1. The firewall automatically asks the user whether the conference software may be executed. In this case, it is usually sufficient to answer the question with "Yes" or "No".
  2. If the firewall blocks the conference software and does not "automatically inquire" as described under item a. and/or the firewall has been individually configured by the user, the abovementioned information (IP-address and port) must simply be taken into consideration. These settings can normally be accomplished with a few clicks.
  3. If the two possibilities listed above do not work, the users can also deactivate their firewalls for the duration of the conference.
  4. If the computer is integrated into a (company) network, please inform the network administrator with sufficient time before your conference, so that the firewall can be set up accordingly, if necessary. An experienced administrator can usually make these adjustments quickly.

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